Bispham and Village

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All Hallows Rd looking away from village c 1900


Bispham Village c 1907 looking towards Bamber's Farm with  Ivy Cottage on the right

Bethel Chapel, Bispham, built in 1834. This photo is from c.1899. Red Bank Rd goes to the right and Tiddycarr Lane to the left


Ash Cottage

Bispham Village c1915

Bispham Village c1929

Bispham Village c1929

Bispham Village Post Office on the junction of All Hallows Rd, Red Bank Rd and Blackpool Rd.

Bispham Village Post Office

Bispham Post Office in its infancy with the old Fiveways garage on the left


Visitors enjoying the gardens of Ivy Cottage in Bispham Village.


The Old England Pub in the fifties (previously called the Albion)

All Hallows Rd  c1939

All Hallows Rd c1936

All Hallows Rd c1952 looking towards the village.

All Hallows Rd c1953 looking away from the village.

The Red Lion Pub was originally on All Hallows Rd

A later picture of the Red Lion

Bispham Parish Church c1900. This was originally the mother church of Blackpool where Blackpool's christenings, weddings and burials were held until 1821 when St John's in Blackpool took over. This is the 4th church on the site built in 1881.  It was designated All Hallows in the 17th century and dedicated to "All Saints" and in existence in 1296 when it consisted of a low tower, a naive and one aisle.

Bispham Church c1905 with the church farm on the right.

Bispham Church c1906

Kelvin Rd c1928

The two top pictures are of Bispham Rd. The bottom left is of Salmesbury Ave and the bottom right is of Sidney Ave.

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