The Norbreck Hydro

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The Norbreck Hydro started life as Norbreck Villa which was then leased to the Everett and Shorrocks families. James H Shorrocks, who had successfully run a dance hall in Manchester, could see the potential of Norbreck Villa being turned into a hotel. The castellated effect had its origins in a nearby gazebo which was probably inspired by a pair of gazebos at Rossall Hall. The castle theme was carried on into the buildings that appeared in later years and the hotel is now known as the Norbreck Castle Hotel 

A lovely aerial photograph probably 1930's showing the golf course behind the hotel and behind Norcliffe Rd.

The Reception at The Norbreck Hydro

The Sun Lounge

The Swimming Baths

The Cafe

Strolling along Norbreck Cliffs

A Postcard from around 1923

The Norbreck Hall Hydro c 1912

A Sports Afternoon

The Hydro c1932


Multi-view Card


 Norbreck Hydro Blotting Paper 1928

Blotting Paper with adverts on the back from 1928



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