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The corner of the Prom and Norbreck Rd.

Norbreck Rd c 1906




Norbreck Rd looking towards the Prom with the "Hydro" on the right.

Norbreck Rd looking east with Barnfield on the right and Norbreck House on the left.

Norbreck Rd looking west

Norbreck Rd looking west with Barnfield on the left and Norbreck House on the right.



Parker's Hotel. Also used as staff quarters for the "Hydro" and finally The Mariners Pub


Grosvenor Rd now Haddon Rd

Balmoral Rd. This is now Chatsworth Ave


Norbreck Rd (on the corner of Guildford Ave)being developed.

Norbreck Rd Bungalows c1928

Bispham Lodge c1908


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